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laundry services in bangalore

Your Pickup is Scheduled

You'll receive the order confirmation on your phone within the next 20-25 minutes

 what next 

1. Pack your Stuff

Pack your items in a basket or a disposable bag. Use one bag/basket per service. Once our driver arrives at your doorstep, he'll transfer them into our MixedWash Laundry Bags and Weigh it.

laundry pickup


2. Our driver arrives at your Doorstep

Our drivers call you atleast 15-20 minutes before reaching your location to alert you about the pickup. Your laundry is picked, weighed and taken to the nearest cleaning facility

Laundry near me
Laundry near me

3. Processing and Packaging

Once the order is dropped at the facility, a team of highly professional laundry experts process it as per your needs.
Now is your time to Relax!

Laundry service near me

4. Delivery and Payment Process

Once your order is out for delivery, the billing summary along with a RazorPay payment link is sent to your phone. The payment can also be made via Cash at the time of delivery. 

laundry shop near me
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